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Hey there! I'm Mario also known as Neko. I started Neko Prints to build my own brand, and later it became an effort to help aspiring entrepreneurs get started in the business of crafting and shirt printing. I learned all I could, and started making tutorials on TikTok and Youtube. Check em out below to subscribe :)

That started growing a bit and I started to put more work into my social medias. People loved my tutorials and I slowly started to incorporate tutorials along with whatever jobs I would get. I'd explain how I make them and what steps are needed. 

After some time, gaining a following, and finding out other things that small businesses need to get started, I realized a LOT of small business need to leave a lasting impression with their customers. Other than your product itself which should always be your #1 focus, I realized that marketing materials seem to be getting more and more expensive, even for the most basic of supplies. 

So I decided to start brining to all of your small business, this website. 

We know what it's like to start a small business and the struggles of getting your name out there. Which is why we offer everything from small standard business cards, to magnets to display on your car while driving across your city or town! You can even add some very nice and elegant silky smooth finish to our cards along with a pop of color on the sides. Trust us, it will definitely leave an impression on your potential customers.

Then came the blanks! 

I started looking for suppliers as well to be able to provide quality blank shirts for printing. Specifically, POLYESTER! Sublimation is hard enough, finding the right shirts to sublimate on just makes it that much harder! 

We now offer quality polyester and cotton blanks at a great price. 

We are constantly looking for new products to offer so stay tuned! 

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  • Adriana Martinez

    I paid to get priority shipping 2 day delivery and just got email that I won’t be getting for another 5 days…thought that was why I was paying more for shipping to get faster…disappointed.!

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