Custom DTF Gang Rolls

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If your image won't upload due to the size or any other reason, please email it and include your order number after purchase. 

Please submit your artwork in the size of the sheet you are ordering. Please have the included images sized appropriately. Sheets are 22" wide varies in length. Watch the video below for instructions on pressing our DTF transfers. 

Current DTF Transfer processing time is 3-5 business days. 

  • Artwork will be printed as is. 
  • If you need me to remove the background, or set up the artwork for print, message me on IG prior to ordering @Neko_Prints
  • Artwork cannot contain any effects such as: glow, drop shadow, neon colors, or glitter.
  • For best results, please do not include semi transparent designs or artwork with fading. Examples include glow effects, dissipating smoke, etc. 

These transfers work for cotton, polyester, and poly cotton blends. Please see the video below for instructions on pressing. 

Your image needs to be a PNG! Any color on the image will be printed! All transparent parts of the image will stay transparent. Please do not have any semi-transparent parts in the image as they will not print correctly. This includes things like shadows, since the edges tend to fade out. The entirety of the image needs to be solid fill. If there are any discrepancies in the image quality, we will reach out and it could cause a delay in order processing.